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1950 Willys pickup


1950 Willys pickup


This beautiful Willys truck was brought to us from another shop here in Phoenix. They had done a BUNCH of work, and well.. did it all wrong, causing the clutch to seize up on the way home from the shop. They called me and towed the Willys truck to us for repair. The owner of the truck came over and she was thrilled to have the truck at a specialty shop. Kim bought the truck with the lift and 3/4 ton spring on it, It has a swapped in odd fire V6, hooked to the T90A and Dana 18 with overdrive. The conversion was an old one that had no markings on it. We had a hell of a time finding the right parts, converting it to a hydraulic clutch, modifying the pedals to work, and getting everything adjusted correctly. It was a LOT of work and some good ole’ fashioned trial and error. Once that problem was solved, we found out it had the wrong spline count front axle shafts, so we fixed that,and rebuilt the brakes. We swapped in the bilstein shocks and remounted the rear shocks to a more shock friendly angle. We also rewired the truck with a modern style fuse block and HD wiring, installed a double din radio with back up camera behind the fake glove box door that is over the steering column in willys trucks. Clear coated an original worn steering wheel and installed it in place of the incorrect wheel. We plumbed in hydraulic brake locks into the system so she can lock both the front and rear brakes for parking if needed. We fully detailed the engine compartment and rebuilt many components on the truck. The final thing we did was touch up some paint areas. Kim painted the truck herself, and it is BEAUTIFUL! We just cleaned up some spots and resprayed the Jet black paint. In the end this truck ended up being a great driver, and man is it stunning. Thanks again Kim for allowing us to fix your truck so you can enjoy it.

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