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The Jeep Farm, LLC was established in 2010 as a part time hobby gone into obsession. Growing up in and around Jeeps was in my blood early on.  My mother said I came out of the womb making motor noises and always had a Matchbox car in my hand.  My status as a total ‘Jeep Head’ was locked in when my father brought home a new 1979 Russet Red CJ-7 “Levi Edition” Renegade.  I still own this Jeep today. Growing up four wheeling and cruising around in this Jeep seemed to mold my personality. I have been told my smell is of Old Spice and Old Jeep!  My first car at 16 was a 1951 Willys wagon. My father agreed to double whatever money I saved from mowing grass. With $800.00, we purchased this crusty old wagon.   It had a bullet hole in the windshield, a worn out 304, auto, front and rear Dana 44’s and the, much hated by my neighbors, headers and side pipes!  Ah the sound and smell!  Every Jeep I drive with side pipes brings back memories of flooded carbs, stinky N.C. mud baking on those headers, and that sound!

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Buying my first CJ at 17 began a life of personally owning over 40 Jeeps and 20 classic cars of one form or another. After receiving a BA in Graphic Design from St. Andrews University in North Carolina in 1996, I moved into a career in Graphic Design. After a brief stint in this career, I moved into construction material sales and management. There were many years of outside sales and traveling such that ultimately my career may have changed but hobby and passion never changed, only grew.  I could never fulfill my thirst for the “next” Jeep.

The Jeep Farm started on its own, organically.  There really was no plan or even a thought of this turning into a career.  It all started because I would buy a Jeep, build it the way I wanted, and then get “starry eyed” for the next Jeep.  My lovely wife would tolerate my madness and the constant Craigslist ads in her face and very calmly say, “you can’t keep them all” so I would sell it and I would go buy the next one, doing it all over again. That is really how it all started.  I loved the people I would meet and loved the satisfaction from bringing each Jeep back to life.  Every Jeep, shiny or crusty, has its own personality.  It needed to be saved from extinction, put back on the road, they needed LIFE!  I really want them all, I love driving Jeeps, building Jeeps, talking Jeeps, and looking at Jeeps.  I am extremely lucky to be able to do what I love for a living.  I love the people I meet and I love finishing a Jeep and handing the keys of it to its new owner, for them to enjoy and live the Jeep life. 

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Over the years, my passion for Jeeps has grown into a thriving business that is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized customization services to Jeep enthusiasts. At The Jeep Farm, we understand that every Jeep owner has unique needs and preferences, and we take pride in tailoring our services to meet those needs.

One thing that sets The Jeep Farm apart is our eye for detail. We approach every single project with the same level of care and attention to detail, no matter how big or small. From lift kit installations to custom paint and bodywork, we take the time to understand our customers' visions and bring them to life with precision and expertise.

Overall, my passion for Jeeps has taken me on an incredible journey, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to share that passion with others through The Jeep Farm. Whether you're a seasoned Jeep enthusiast or just starting out, we are here to help you take your Jeep to the next level and make your off-road dreams a reality.

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​​The Jeep Farm is clearly at the intersection of passion and dreams,

Where Restoration Borders on Obsession.

Thank you all!

DREW NORMAN  and The Jeep Farm staff.


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