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1969 Prairie Gold Wagoneer


1969 Prairie Gold Wagoneer


I found this wagoneer and purchased it off of its original owner in Northern Arizona. After owning it for a while Tim and Alicia contacted me and were looking for a first gen Wagoneer to add to their collection of Jeeps. They purchased this from me and we began a year long restoration. The Jeep had not been on the road or ran since 1989. Due to rust, It needed most of the floors and rear quarters. We installed all new sheet metal, then treated the rest of the Jeep to a rust dissolver . Once this was done, we sent it in to the paint shop to be completely sprayed inside and out in Modern base/clear PPG paint mixed to match the “prairie gold” factory color. Since there are no after market lift kits available for the first Gen wags and the owner had some concern about the “post style” spring mounts, we welded on all new spring hangers along with late model Wagoneer springs. We used a Superlift 2.5″ front lift spring and late model rear springs with a nice overload and a hanging (shackle flip style) rear shackle. Old Man Emu shocks round out the suspension with a set of 31×10.5×15 BFG’s on stock wheels with stock hubcaps. While underneath the Jeep we built a custom 38 gal fuel tank and skid plate, added a original “jeep” class 3 receiver hitch, All new brake lines and a all new Magnaflow Muffler and exhaust system. With the body freshly painted we installed a new windshield, all new window felts and tracks, new rear quarter rubber, door seal rubber, body mounts and more. The interior was originally a pewter color, The owner wanted that changed to black. So we repainted the Dash board, Converted the front from bench to bucket by using set of 70’s Wagoneer buckets seats, and upholstering them to look older. Using mostly marine grade vinyl with modern yet old looking insert material we made it durable yet stylish with a 60’s vibe interior. Not quite done yet, we added custom matching door panels, a custom headliner .and new carpet kit with a rubber rear cargo area matt. Mass amounts of sound deadener and custom rear quarter inserts with a light, 12V outlet and hidden compartment. finish up the interior. We also installed a Retro Radio and modern A/C parts to work with the vintage under dash unit. A complete new Wire harness and modern fuse box was installed, re-using all the original switches and plugs, and a 180amp 1 wire alternator. I am sure there is more that I am forgetting, This was a year long major build. BUT MAN AINT SHE PURTY! Tim and Alicia did not have us do anything to the original Buck 350, axles or the 3 on the tree trans. Tim is a Diesel guy and does his own swaps, so he will be putting a 4BT Cummins, ZF 6 spd trans and JK axles. He is planning on some 17″ wheels with dog dish hub caps to round out the build. Man she is gonna be sweet when he is done.

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