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1967 Jeep CJ5 HOTROD


1967 Jeep CJ5 HOTROD


Gary and his son John reached out to me to see if we would be interested in restoring a neglected 1967 CJ5 show jeep. My ears immediately perked up. John sent me pics of a super cool vintage show jeep that had been baking in the Arizona sun for 20 years. Gary allowed all three of his sons to drive this jeep to high school!! Whaaa? man what an awesome dad! but once the boys all grew up and moved out, the jeep was left to rot beside the house…. BUT! The boys all decided to have “dads jeep” rebuilt, so their families could enjoy the jeep as they did when they were growing up. nice job guys!!! Once we received the jeep, I drooled over the TONS of vintage goodies on it. 327 Camel hump motor, T-10 4 speed, Warn overdrive, TONS of chrome, Stewart Warner green line gauges, shelby American racing wheels, and more!! Once I came to my senses…. we the torn down the poor old jeep, we began on a two year “nut and bolt” restoration on this jeep. Keeping it to as much of its original “show/hot rod” nature as we could. The jeep was originally ordered red so Gary could paint over top of the red. He wanted the jeep to look just like a factory 67 GTO color, Verduro Green. Pontiac used a red oxide primer under their green. So he purchased a red jeep, so that would be his primer!. When we did the the paint and body, we also used a red oxide primer just like Pontiac did. However we used a modern base/clear system in verduro green, instead of the single stage that it once was. The clear gives it more “POP” and its more durable. The frame was painted, axles rebuilt, we added a disk conversion to the front, rebuilt the T10 and overdrive and had RNR racing rebuild the 327 came hump back to stock specs. We added a Howell fuel injection, an MSD distributor and 6AL box and coil, redid the original exhaust with magnaflow mufflers and reinstalled Garys chrome cut-outs he had on the jeep. The jeep had two gas tanks with a manual selector valve, but with fuel injection we had to install a “ford” electrical selector valve, to make sure the fuel got returned to the correct tank. Once all the chrome parts were all “re-chromed”, we installed them all back on the feshly painted body, restitched the seats, rewired the jeep with a modern fuse box and wire harness. We were lucky that Stewart Warner decided to reproduce the “green line” gauges and those were installed in the custom dash. WOW and WOW. what a awesome jeep. The chrome and color! The 327 moves this jeep down the road in a hurry. Other than the disk brakes, BFG tires, wire harness and fuel injection, I feel like we kept to the jeeps original glory… I am super proud of the work my guys did and a BIG thank you, to Garys boys, who financed the build so that his family could grow up in the jeep, just like he did.

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