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1966 Jeep Wagoneer

Full Restoration

1966 Jeep Wagoneer


This amazing 1966 Wagoneer was actually one of my waggys. It was a running driving wagg, but pretty rough, painted with white latex house paint! One owner (still alive) and loads of cool documentation as well as Owners ID card… too cool! . Peter reached out to me wanting a first generation Wagoneer. We talked about mine, and discussed buying me out of the restoration that had already begun. He decided to buy a scout and well….after a year of scout ownership, he called me again and was pleased to hear I still had it!. Being a jeep we only worked on here and there (cause it was mine) it honestly had not gotten far. Peter purchased the jeep and we got to finishing it! The 230 Tornado six ran well, so the head was rebuilt, The motor was resealed and painted. The body was removed from the frame and completely sand blasted. The frame was sanded and painted, the axles rebuilt with a disk brake conversion on the front axle. All new brake lines, rebuilt steering box, fully detailed motor, repainted wheels, coker tires, and a 1″ lift round out the under side. The body had very little rust, what was there, was cut out and new metal took its place. The bottom side of the tub was sprayed in color matched President Red bedliner. The body being completely stripped down, got 3 gallons primer, 3 gallons of President red base coat, and 3 gallons of high end clear inside and out. We repainted the dashboard and other items in the correct (custom made) champagne color. The original seats and door panels were stitched in the correct vinyl with NOS 66 wagoneer seat inert material!!! Tons of sound deadener and all new felts and rubbers seal it up tight! This Wagoneer was originally a base model. Peter wanted to “jazz it up” so we installed Stainless trim around the windows, Roof rack, and stitched the interior with the “custom” level trim. We added a NOS dash clock, Retro belt seat belts and re-wired it with a modern wire harness and fuse box. We decided to keep the 70’s added A/C unit, but made it modern with a Sandensen style compressor, dryer and condenser to make it blast cold air! The list goes on and on, I cannot tell you all we did. 18 months, complete nut and bolt resto. BUT man what a beauty! I really gotta give a shout out to my guys, they really did a fantastic job! Restoring a first gen wagoneer isn’t for the faint of heart. Finding parts, getting creative and mustering through areas that there is no info on, is just part of it. I also need to thank Peter and Eric. Peter thanks for financing this build, being so excited about it. I hope you enjoy it tremendously!

For more info email: or call: 602.763.3505

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