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1957 Willys Wagon


1957 Willys Wagon


Lisa sent down this way cool 1957 willys wagon to us. It belonged to her father, and had been sitting in a barn since 1993. The wagon had last been used in a parade, and had huge star stickers all over it and tires from the 70’s. It was apparent that it had not had much use since the 70’s. We started off replacing the fuel tank, sender, pump lines and rebuilding the carb. We have a saying at the Farm. “every jeep was parked for a reason” meaning, usually when they get parked and sit, there is a reason for that. LOTS of time was spent trying to get this old girl running, a new distributor and new timing chain was installed and she sputtered to life. A new 12 volt wire harness with HD wires and modern 6 fuse micro fuse box was installed. New tail lights, turn lights H4 conversion lights and rebuilt gauges got her electrically functioning. On the underside, we installed new leaf springs, new shocks, rebuilt the axles, rebuilt steering components, rear brakes, all new bushings and a front disk conversion. The remainder of the work was a new exhaust system, some 31×10.50×15 BFG’s and front seatbelts round out the mods. I am a lover of willys wagons, My first car at 15 was a bone yard 51 willys wagon. My father and I got it up and running and I drove that for a couple of years. Test driving this wagon brought back a slew of memories. This ole’ wagon ran and drove amazing, the flat 6 hurricane and disk brakes and radial tires makes it just cruise effortlessly. it REALLY ended up nice, we gave it a final buff to bring out what was left of the paint and Lisa and her husband are going to enjoy the heck outta this family treasure.

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