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1950 M38


1950 M38


1950 M38 Military Jeep. Art is a local and brings in his jeep once or twice a year for bits and pieces.The work that we have done in the past consists of, suspension work, brakes, rebuilt steering, rebuilt parking brake, clutch and flywheel. Pressure wash and paint transmission and transfer case. Hand bent all the lines for the vacuum for wipers, axle bearings and TONS more. This past go around was probably the largest with full paint and detail on everything other than the motor. He will be back for that probably later in the year. One of the cool things we found was the numbers on the rear bumper. We found those while sanding the Jeep for paint. We duplicated what we found, albeit having no idea what they mean! Art loves to take his jeep in parades and to shows. This is not a nut and bolt restoration or even M38 “perfect” but it is the way he wants it, and it is a beautiful Jeep. We are happy to work on it for him and help bring back a piece of American history.

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