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1947 Willys pickup


1947 Willys pickup


Jason picked up this `1947 Willys pickup “Restored” from an online seller. Once he had received the truck, he quickly realized that it was NOT any where near restored. He called me, and being a local guy, I went over to have a look. We discussed a plan and began the work to fix up some of the atrocities that were done to the truck. Once we started this process, we realized that we either do it the right way or leave it alone. Jason being a true car guy decided to give it the full restoration. With that plan change, we decided we needed to buy another 47 pickup to get a good cab, and a frame that did not have bondo in it. Once the donor truck was purchased, we worked on this truck for almost two years! Granted it got delayed in the fact that it survived through the building of, not only my first shop, but the second one also! It was a huge challenge, finding all the hard to find early truck parts that it was missing. But wow, it turned out great. We installed new floors, a new bed floor, patches just about everywhere. Painted it in Picket grey with Normandy blue wheels and top. We also painted the shocks Normandy blue. The interior is a bit custom, the seat was upholstered out of a couch blanket that the owners wife loved. We laminated the blanket for strength and upholstered the door and kick panels in marine grade blue vinyl. The truck was completely rewired with correct woven wire and converted to 12volts. Once the truck was completely detailed and assembled we had the pinstriper come out and stripe the “W” on the tailgate and matching grey stripes on the wheels. What a restoration! Thanks for your patience Jason, Please enjoy your amazing truck

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