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1943 Willys MB


1943 Willys MB


This super cool 43 MB came to us from California. Doug purchased this Jeep and it was titled a CJ3a (I think). Once we got it here I quickly realized that it was in fact an original military MB. The body was replaced with a re-pop tub at some point in its life. Doug was thrilled to find this out (he loves military paraphernalia). He had us do a number of things to make it mostly “correct” without going too crazy. He did not want us to paint it, He did that himself once it got back to California. The project scope was to get her running, driving, and stopping as it should. We also fully detailed the engine compartment, Painted the motor firewall, and more. We re-loomed existing wires and did as much as we could without going over the top on budget. It's kinda mix of military and civilian. We also installed new gauges, switches, and more. One of the bigger tasks was to cut the side out of the jeep and replace the side panels with the correct style that has the shovel and axe cutouts. This kinda snowballed into removing part of the flat floor and putting in the correct style floor with the cut-out and correct low sump style tank. You can see what we did with the NEW paint. We installed the shovel and axe, gas tank, and sending unit, and added the missing toolbox under the passenger seat. Going with the military theme, we cut and installed the correct blackout lights but re-wired them to use standard 12v bulbs. We also rebuilt the brakes, resealed the axles, and completely painted the underside in OD green. This was a fun build. and The owner finished up the OD green paint with, the correct hood numbers and more. Doug now proudly Drives his Willys in parades and on the streets of LA much to the discomfort of the LAPD.

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